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CBN News – One Fiscal Crisis Averted; Another Just Beginning

3 Jan

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One Fiscal Crisis Averted; Another Just Beginning

This week’s fiscal cliff agreement may have averted one crisis, but the work to avoid an economic disaster is only just beginning.

Experts say the $620 billion in higher taxes due over the next decade from wealthy Americas will barely touch deficits still to come.

“We’ve got nothing on the table right now talking about fundamental problems which includes too much spending, money printing, borrowing,” Bill Frezza, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said.

“Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day,” he continued. “It takes a long time to run down a large economy and run down a large empire. We are on that glide path now, and there is no reason to believe this is going to change.”

Watch all of Frezza’s comments, as seen on CBN Newswatch, Jan. 2 by clicking here.


BBC World Service – Is Democracy Working?

1 Jan


From the BBC “World Have Your Say” program broadcast on New Year’s Eve 2012, this edited 27 minute audio clip covers that portion of the program where I am a guest discussing the fiscal policy meltdown in Washington, DC and the inability of either political party to come to grips with the bankruptcy of entitlement democracy.

To listen to the program click here.

BBC World Service – The End of the American Century

31 Dec


December 31, 2012

My interview on the fiscal cliff theatrics and the end of the American Century begins at 7:45 in this audio clip.

Happy New Year, and good luck.



BBC World Service – Newshour interview on the Fiscal Cliff

28 Dec


My interview with Julian Marshall of the BBC World Service Newshour on the Fiscal Cliff begins at 26:30 of this audio clip.

Forbes – Twas The Night Before Fiscliff

26 Dec

Clement Moore Revisited: Twas The Night Before Fiscliff


Twas the night before Fiscliff, when all through the House

Not a statesman was stirring, not even to grouse.

Neither bills nor amendments have much of a prayer

Since hope and change fever brought gridlock to bear.


The citizens pondered in fear and in dread,

What will happen if off the cliff we go instead?

Obama was sure he set Boehner a trap

To force taxes higher, give rich folks a slap.


When on CNN there arose such a clatter,

I sprang to the set to see what was the matter.

Wolf Blitzer was shouting, he had a news flash,

Was a formula found that would scare up fresh cash?


The gloom had sent stock markets gyrating so,

While the luster of gold lured all those in the know.

When, what on the six o’clock news should appear,

But a fat helicoptering cash bombardier.


To read the rest of the poem click here.