Forbes – Twas The Night Before Fiscliff

26 Dec

Clement Moore Revisited: Twas The Night Before Fiscliff


Twas the night before Fiscliff, when all through the House

Not a statesman was stirring, not even to grouse.

Neither bills nor amendments have much of a prayer

Since hope and change fever brought gridlock to bear.


The citizens pondered in fear and in dread,

What will happen if off the cliff we go instead?

Obama was sure he set Boehner a trap

To force taxes higher, give rich folks a slap.


When on CNN there arose such a clatter,

I sprang to the set to see what was the matter.

Wolf Blitzer was shouting, he had a news flash,

Was a formula found that would scare up fresh cash?


The gloom had sent stock markets gyrating so,

While the luster of gold lured all those in the know.

When, what on the six o’clock news should appear,

But a fat helicoptering cash bombardier.


To read the rest of the poem click here.


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