RealClear Radio Farewell Broadcast

1 Jan

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After three years on the air our experiment in broadcasting a donor-supported NPR-style interview program, with a libertarian rather than a left-liberal editorial perspective, has drawn to a close. I’d like to thank Bloomberg Radio for giving us our start, our anchor sponsor the Competitive Enterprise Institute for its support, and especially our producer Amanda France, whose tireless efforts booking compelling guests, building out our national radio syndicate, and prepping me with research to help bring out our guests’ stories was superb. Learning about, speaking with, and helping spread the ideas of the over 300 guests we’ve had on the show has been a privilege. Their interviews will live on in our podcast library at and in selected rebroadcasts on WBCA Community Radio Boston. Thank you for listening. Please have a safe and prosperous New Year.

And now, without further ado, our final broadcast.

War on Science

December 31, 2016

New York Times columnist and City Journal contributing editor, John Tierney discusses how the political left’s social science monoculture and the hyper-politicization of science has delivered disastrous results. From eugenics to hysteria over global warming, failed science policies are a result of confirmation bias and fatal conceit in today’s science dogma that doesn’t allow challenges to prevailing claims.

Portrait of Jack Tierney NY Times Building

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Economic Futures

December 31, 2016

Peter Wallison, senior fellow in financial policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, recommends strategies for the new administration to encourage economic growth and liberalization. Wallison advocates curtailing the legacies of overregulation and the administrative state by dismantling Dodd-Frank and emboldening the judiciary to stand up to overreach instead of mandating strict agency deference.

AEI Portraits - (Photo by Jay Westcott/for AEI)

LISTEN (full–length interview)
DOWNLOAD from iTunes (as aired)
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