RealClear Radio Hour Podcast – Fighting Back Against Forced Unionization

25 May

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May 23, 2015

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Union-Free Child Care

Jennifer Parrish, a Minnesota self-employed family childcare provider, shares her experience defending her business against SEIU, one of the nation’s most powerful unions. Her troubles began in 2006 when a union organizer barged into her home and tried to get her to sign what he called a petition but was in fact a union authorization card. Parrish since helped form a coalition of union free providers who, a decade on, are still actively fighting compelled unionization.


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Compulsory Unionism

Mark Mix, President of National Right to Work Committee and Legal Defense Foundation, discusses his organization’s efforts to defend employee rights against forced union membership, as well as organized labor’s huge political clout as a $20 billion a year business and political lobbying force that regularly flexes its muscle to forcibly collect dues from non-members.


LISTEN (full-length interview)
DOWNLOAD from iTunes (as aired)
WATCH (on YouTube)


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