RealClear Radio Hour – Deconstructing The Poverty Industry

19 Oct

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Poverty, Inc.

OCT 18, 2014

Michael Miller, director of Poverty, Inc., PovertyCure, and Acton Media at the Acton Institute, recounts his inspiration for his soon to be released film. In Poverty, Inc.,he makes the case for rethinking long-held foreign aid models, and to consider instead policies that cultivate entrepreneurship and institutions that enable those in need to create their own prosperity.


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Entrepreneurship as Aid
OCT 18, 2014

Magatte Wade, Senegalese entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Tiossan, discusses her background and her entrepreneur-driven vision for Africa’s future.


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2 Responses to “RealClear Radio Hour – Deconstructing The Poverty Industry”

  1. david msn baraff October 19, 2014 at 5:37 am #


    I have enjoyed your column for many years but with the radio pod casts I just can not take the time from my busy schedule. Reading for me is ten times faster than listening for me and I absorb more that way. Can you publish written transcripts of the shows?

    Dave Baraff

    • billfrezza October 19, 2014 at 8:50 am #


      First, we are looking into the cost of a transcryption service, but right now our budget is limited. RealClear Radio Hour is donor supporte, through the Competitive Enteprise Institute, and until we get more traction on the donor front our resources are limited.

      Second, I am in the process of rebalancing my time commitments as I prepare to exit the venture capital industry entirely and devote myself to the liberty movement. There are three legs to that stool. The first is RealClear Radio Hour. The second is a campus speaking tour which is just getting underway, thanks to the Young Americans for Liberty who are organizing and hosting my appearances. And the third will be my opinion columns. The plan on that front is to move from a weekly column that appears in a single publication to occasional columns, penned as the muse strikes, placed in mutiple publications as appropriate. My hope is that all this will come together over the course of the coming year as I get the fate of my last two portfolio companies settled.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader. I surely understand if there is no time in your life for long podcasts. I have the same problem since I work out of a home office and don’t have a lengthy commute.



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