Forbes – Can Post-Constitutional America Recover Its Freedom and Prosperity?

9 Jul

It is by now undeniable that our Constitution is being unwound at an accelerating rate. With the wave of a blog post, the President of the United States suspends the due process checks and balances prescribed by the Constitution, refusing to enforce laws he finds politically inconvenient, while enacting other laws by executive decree to energize his political base.

Revelations that the Fourth Amendment has been rendered moot by massive internal spying operations are met with the facile explanation that administrations led by both parties have carried out such violations for a long time. Few people know the real extent of the spying, as it is a state secret.

Is it any wonder that other countries scoff at American entreaties to adopt liberal democracy? How can we expect others to respect and emulate the America Way when we think so little of our own system that we carelessly discard the rule of law whenever it’s expedient?

To read the rest of the column click here.


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