Monetary and Fiscal Policy Causes of Economic Calamity Poised to Strike America

8 Jul

Our guest today, Bill Frezza, is a Fellow in Technology and Entrepreneurship at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a contributing columnist for, the Huffington Post, and Bio-IT World. We will focus on an examination of the monetary and fiscal policy causes of the economic calamity that is poised to strike America. This calamity, in Bill’s view, will be a massive (50%?) stock and bond market correction followed by another round of bank bailouts, hyperinflation, a breakdown of middle class entitlements, a wave of municipal bankruptcies, the collapse of many defined benefit pension plans (particularly in the underfunded public sector), followed by public disorder and political chaos similar to what we are witnessing in Greece. His view is that all boundaries between the TBTF banks, the Federal Reserve, and the US Treasury have broken down, driving the excess financialization of our economy to unsustainable levels.

To listen to the program click here.


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