RealClear Radio Hour – Internet Sales Tax Shakedown

30 Oct

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Internet Sales Tax Shakedown

October 29, 2016

Jessica Melugin, adjunct fellow in technology policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, breaks down the nearly 20-year-old Internet sales tax debate. Melugin shares why lobbyists, politicians, and big box retailers advocate Internet taxation without representation. Under those proposals, Melugin explains, consumers would see sales tax rates increase, states would export their tax regimes to remote businesses, and online sellers would be forced to keep records for about 10,000 tax jurisdictions around the nation.


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One Response to “RealClear Radio Hour – Internet Sales Tax Shakedown”

  1. Bruce October 30, 2016 at 7:54 am #

    And of course state and local governments would cheer on such as that would be a lot easier for them to get their due as opposed to relying on the volutary payment of use taxes by the citizens. As a CPA, I’ve seen many states with individual income tax returns have a place for the taxpayer to pay or certify that they don’t owe any use tax on out of state purchases.

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