RealClear Radio Hour – American Cuisine and Whiskey

16 Oct

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American Cuisine

October 15, 2016

Paul Freedman, Yale University Professor of History and author of the recently published Ten Restaurants that Changed America, charts American history over the last 200 years through the nation’s cuisine. Distinct and varied, Freedman describes the quintessential restaurants that characterize American fare, from ethnic and regional to industrial dishes. Delmonico’s defined the international standard for prestige and Antoine’s the vibrant regional fare, while Howard Johnson’s pioneered the franchise and Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters helped cultivate a more sophisticated palate.


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Whiskey—A Higher Spirit

October 15, 2016

Rick Wasmund, CEO and Owner of Copper Fox Distillery, discusses whiskey’s rich history, from its Irish and Scottish roots to its American heritage—with Johnny Appleseed’s brandy, Pennsylvania rye, the Whiskey Rebellion, and the innovations he and others are contributing to the tradition today. Wasmund, a featured interviewee in CEI’s new short film, I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit, describes the production process and the extensive “whiskey tribe” who makes it all possible.


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