RealClear Radio Hour – Greece and Cuba. What’s next?

31 Jan


Softer Euro Greases Greek Goodbye?

January 30, 2016

elena panaritis

Elena Panaritis, founder of Thought for Action, former World Bank economist, and special advisor to the Greek PASOK government, faults cronyist political systems and the special interests that thrive under them as the major obstacles to reform. Panaritis argues Greece is the canary in the coal mine for dysfunctional states throughout the European Union, and expects new austerity plans and devaluation in the coming years.

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Reflections of a Cuban Revolutionary

January 30, 2016

Carlos Alberto Montaner

Carlos Alberto Montaner, journalist and author of dozens of books, including The Cubans: The History of Cuba in One Lesson, shares how he escaped a 20-year prison sentence by the Castro regime on false charges of being a CIA agent. Montaner discusses the lasting legacy of the Castro brothers and their failed efforts to export Communist revolution.

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