Daily Caller – What’s Wrong With College? Follow the Money

14 Nov


What’s Wrong With College? Follow the Money

NOV 13, 2015

What do the following have in common? Skyrocketing college tuition. Plummeting college graduation rates. Trillion-dollar student debt. Underage campus binge drinking. Campus rape tribunals. Unemployed college graduates moving back home.

Answer: They’re all driven by a tsunami of federal dollars.

How so? Our nation’s Founders knew well that democracy could slide into tyranny, so they imposed major institutional constraints on the government they crafted. But while they rightly foresaw how future leaders might abuse the coercive power of the law, it appears they failed to anticipate how crafty politicians could use the seductive power of the purse to advance all sorts of agendas. Who needs legislation?

This is especially prevalent in American today, given the extent the government transfers wealth from one group to another. It has been that way since Franklin Delano Roosevelt put the power of the federal purse on steroids when his administration created the massive largesse-dispensing machine known as the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s. Never before had votes been purchased on such a grand scale. Fast forward to the present and take a look at how much federal money flows into American colleges and universities.

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