Campus Lecture Tour – Ethics & Crony Capitalism

24 Sep

Bill Frezza Flyer 2

The University of North Carolina – Pembroke was kind enough to invite me down to speak to students and faculty in the business school this week. They took the trouble of recording my presentation, which you can view on YouTube by clicking here. The talk is a variation of what has become my campus stump speech, primarily focused on the history of the Bell Telephone monopoly, the impact of government regulation on innovation, and the rocket ride we went on when that seventy year old sclerotic monopoly was broken up in 1983, allowing entrepreneurs to give birth to the digital world we now all take for granted.


One Response to “Campus Lecture Tour – Ethics & Crony Capitalism”

  1. Howard L. Resnikoff September 24, 2015 at 7:36 pm #


    This just came in (2015-9-24); looks like the transmission got time-inverted. How did the talk go? BTW, “different” from what?

    Howard __________________ Howard L. Resnikoff

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