Daily Caller – Title IX Expansion Coming Soon to an Elementary School near You

12 May

May 12, 2015

Title IX Expansion Coming Soon to an Elementary School near You

Conflict, consternation, and litigation has spread across college campuses ever since a 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter from the Obama administration’s Office of Civil Rights launched a vast expansion of the Title IX bureaucracy. This Nixon-era law originally focused on banning relics of the past, such as male-only vocational education, but later was expanded by federal bureaucrats to enforce gender equity in college athletics, leading to de facto quotas. Since then, it has accreted new powers not because new powers were conferred by an act of Congress, but because executive branch administrators decided to reinterpret this 43-year-old statute to advance their political agenda.

The result? A flurry of lawsuits, breakdown of due process, and hastily established campus tribunals to adjudicate allegations of sexual assault and other crimes traditionally handled by the criminal justice system. Undeterred by this unfolding disaster in higher education, the Department of Education, via a new “Dear Colleague” letter, is now warning K-12 public school administrators that their federal funding will be at risk if they don’t embark on a similar course.

Few items of local politics are as explosive as school board politics. Watch for the reaction as the Title IX juggernaut comes to an elementary school near you.

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