RealClear Radio Hour – Controversies on Campus: Sex, Lies, and Justice

1 Mar

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RealClear Radio Hour – Controversies on Campus: Sex, Lies, and Justice

February 28, 2015

Harvard professor, feminist, and retired federal judge Nancy Gertner speaks out against overzealous enforcement of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act and the challenge of defining rape and sexual assault due to ambiguities regarding consent, impairment, and differences between the sexes.


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One Response to “RealClear Radio Hour – Controversies on Campus: Sex, Lies, and Justice”


  1. Campus Crusade For Conformity | The Daily Caller - April 3, 2015

    […] Yet, for the growing ranks of deans, sub-deans, and administrators who monitor, investigate, and control every aspect of student life, that seems to matter little. Start with the basics. Are you an adult at 18, or are you not? If you stay out of college the answer is yes, you are a fully responsible citizen answerable to the law endowed with certain inalienable rights. But if you matriculate in an accredited university, you must submit to the suzerainty of deans more worried about not getting sued than about education. In Loco Parentis may be passé, but an opaque Byzantine power structure has risen in its place fed by the flow of billions in federal dollars and answerable to no one but federal laws like Title IX. […]

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