Daily Caller – Watch For the Return of Congressional Earmarks

11 Nov

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Watch For the Return of Congressional Earmarks

Huzzah, the Republicans have gained control of both houses of Congress! The era of Big Government is finally coming to an end!

Just kidding, folks. Putting your faith in politicians’ ode to small government is truly the triumph of hope over experience.

Thomas Jefferson is said to have opined to his friend and rival Alexander Hamilton that the British System was the best system of governance ever developed, except for the corruption. Hamilton’s reply? “Oh no, my friend. It’s the corruption that makes it work.”

Welcome to the new Washington, same as it ever was.

The power of the purse, subject only to President Obama’s lame duck veto, has now been delivered to Old Bull McConnell and his trusty sidekick Business-as-Usual Boehner. With Tea Party mavericks’ influence vastly diluted by the GOP’s lopsided victory, the smart money is on the spending spigots soon returning to their wide-open settings. It’s fun playing the Party of No when you are in the minority, but after you finally claw your way back to pole position to dispense the goodies, the temptation to do so usually proves irresistible.

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