Daily Caller – Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?

3 Nov


November 3, 2014

By Bill Frezza


Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?

Conservatives take it as a matter of faith that voter fraud is rampant. Liberals take it as a matter of faith that concern over fraud is merely a cover for voter suppression. Where does the truth lie? Can we resolve this argument based on the facts? We may soon find out.

In Frederick County, Maryland, an election watchdog group is suing the OId Line State over alleged voter fraud. Another “gotcha” moment for conservatives or proof of voter suppression?

Neither. The plaintiffs in this suit are pioneering a new approach to determining whether fraud exists, and who might be its perpetrators. Their approach is elegant, simple, and purely fact-driven. It places no undue burden on legitimate voters, while it deters those ineligible to vote. It violates no one’s privacy. And it provides a template that can be used in every county of the country to either root out voter fraud or demonstrate its absence. Both sides in this debate should hail it as the answer to their prayers.

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2 Responses to “Daily Caller – Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?”

  1. Andrew Allison November 3, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    Bill, Neither link displays anything other than the Daily Caller banner (Chrome & Firefox).

    • billfrezza November 3, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

      Very strange. Both work fine on my PC (Chrome).

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