Podcast Double Feature Outing Rogue Federal Prosecutors – Harvey Silverglate & Gibson’s Henry Juszkiewicz Tell All

25 May

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Runaway Government—How Prosecutorial Overreach Runs Roughshod over Civil Liberties

MAY 24, 2014


Harvey Silverglate, Boston lawyer, activist, civil liberties advocate, and author of Three Felonies a Day, warns against the increase in federal criminal prosecutions and the risk of being railroaded into plea-bargained guilty pleas under vague and selectively enforced laws. (Photo by: Elsa Dorfman)

LISTEN (full-length interview)


WATCH (on YouTube)

Runaway Government—The Spectacle of Homeland Security’s Raid on Gibson Guitar

MAY 24, 2014


Henry Juszkiewicz, President of Gibson Guitar since 1986, discusses how he turned around the iconic guitar company and his response to the federal government’s surprise armed raid, nearly destroying Gibson’s business and landing him in jail on the pretext of alleged technical import violations.

LISTEN (full-length interview)


WATCH (on YouTube)


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