Forbes – Dueling Visions for Taxing Times: Grover Norquist v. Robert Reich

13 Apr


Limited government, federalism, and supply side economics, or tax, spend, and equalize

This is why I got into radio: A pairing of guests representing two competing visions for the nation’s economic future, each making their case in turn, no shouting.

Their policy recommendations are diametrically opposed. “No new taxes,” says one. “Tax the rich,” says the other. Their understanding of how our economy works, what drives innovation and growth, the proper role of government, the lessons of history, and what makes homo economicus tick couldn’t be more at odds. Their contrasting backgrounds—the precocious rebel who grew up to shame tax-raising  politicians vs. the bullied intellectual who reached the loftiest corridors of power—couldn’t be more revealing.

This week, I’m pleased to have Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, as back-to-back guests on RealClear Radio Hour, sharing their views on what each believes is wrong with America and how they propose to fix it.

To read the rest of the colum click here.


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