Forbes – The Knockout Game Goes Viral, The Hunger Games It’s Not

26 Nov

Enthralled with the movie saga of starving and oppressed young heroes rebelling against brutal government tyranny? Then what do you make of gangs of inner-city teenage boys trying to prove their macho playing a one-punch knockout game, preying on innocent victims whose government obliges all of us to house, feed, educate, and provide medical care to these barbarians within our gates?

The good news is that mainstream media is finally picking up on the story, which has been simmering for years in the alternative press. Thankfully, attempts by the New York Times and others guardians of the prevailing narrative to dismiss this as urban myth or blame it on violent videogames are gaining little traction. Shining some light on this story may help combat the trend. The bad news is that until more forceful law enforcement measures are taken, increased media attention is more likely than not to produce a wave of copycat incidents, similar to reports of flash mob looting.

Underneath lie the forbidden issues of race and class. While the mainstream media studiously avoids identifying the race of knockout game perpetrators, an overwhelming number appear to be black males, with victims chosen specifically because they are not.

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