RealClearMarkets – President Obama Announces Detailed Six Point Plan To Make College Affordable

16 Sep

Yesterday, President Barack Obama broke with his practice of declaring an intractable issue his top priority, before abandoning it to Congressional infighting, to double down on his sidelined initiative to make higher education more affordable. In a six-point plan he vowed to implement without legislation, the President fleshed out the details of a poll-tested policy proposal he introduced last month in a series of campaign-style speeches delivered when most voters were on vacation.

“Americans have come to regard a college degree as a right and not a privilege,” Obama told a crowd of Columbia University students, who waited for hours in searing heat for the delayed start of the speech. “Meanwhile, prospective employers have figured out that many diplomas are not worth the foolscap they are printed on. What good is a right that is too costly to access, or isn’t worth what someone else paid for it?”

To read the rest of the column click here.


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