Forbes – Racist Massachusetts Voters Defeat Hispanic Senate Candidate

25 Jun

Pretty offensive headline, isn’t it? Baselessly ascribing racist motives to voters for choosing Caucasian Rep. Ed Markey over Latino challenger Gabriel Gomez in this week’s special Senate election in Massachusetts can only be a cheap trick designed to get readers to click on the column. Everyone with half a brain knows that the election results indicate a clear voter preference for the progressive policies for which “Taxachusetts” is so often lampooned.

So what makes this sort of race baiting so easy to accept in media portrayals of limited government, anti-tax Tea Party activists? Attempts by mainstream media to pin the racist tag on Obama administration opponents are getting old by now. It may be one of the reasons why a recent Gallup poll shows that Americans’ confidence in newspapers has plunged below 25 percent, putting them near the bottom on a list of 16 societal institutions—yet still ahead of Congress’ pathetic 10 percent.

To read the rest of the column click here.


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