HuffPost – Privacy under Attack? Most Americans Have Already Surrendered Theirs

12 Jun

“We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it’s easy, but when it is hard.” Barack Obama, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009

Should anyone be surprised that the federal government has been engaged in massive and indiscriminate data gathering aimed at spying on the American people? If you actually believe that privacy is more than an antiquated slogan, try this exercise.

Imagine that you live in a country that has been overrun by an army of deputized government agents, your friends and co-workers blackmailed into becoming informants. Imagine an extrajudicial legal system in which all citizens are presumed guilty of complex administrative crimes and must prove themselves innocent upon command, with no rights against self-incrimination. Imagine dissidents thrown into prison for keeping their personal affairs private.

To read the rest of the column click here.


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