HuffPost – Move over Polar Bears, Palm Oil Orangutans Want their $5 worth of Fame

13 May


What do polar bears, orangutans, the Walt Disney Company, Cheetos, recycled fundraising schemes, and corporate shakedowns have in common? It’s just another day on the social activism front.

Skillful fundraisers have long used charismatic megafauna–cool, cute, cuddly creatures whose pictures make you go squishy inside–to collect money from donors concerned about the environment who want to feel like they are doing something. Nothing wrong with that—voluntarism is a great American tradition and we all have our pet causes. But when the money is used to break the law in order to harass image-conscious corporations into making payoffs or driving their suppliers out of business, it stops being fun and games.

To read the rest of the column click here.


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