Forbes – Doctor Shortage? Let Idled Postal Workers Fill In!

13 Feb


Rejoice, one of Obamacare’s great mysteries has been solved: Namely, the question of how we are going to provide free medical care to 30 million uninsured Americans as we simultaneously reduce doctors’ pay, transforming them from 80-hour-a-week independent professionals into 40-hour-a-week salaried employees of consolidated regional healthcare conglomerates.

Inspired by the firm belief that we are all equal, President Barack Obama has found the answer. Retrain postal workers to serve as primary health care providers. In a pilot program to begin once mail delivery is reduced to five days a week, postal workers will fill in for doctors and nurses every Saturday working from behind the same counters they’ve used to delight customers for generations.

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One Response to “Forbes – Doctor Shortage? Let Idled Postal Workers Fill In!”

  1. Hoiman Kaye February 14, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    Of course, speaking from what was said by a Really Higher Authority, the FIRST Group of High Intellectual Individuals who will visit their local Post Office the next time they are feeling ill will be None Other Than President Barack Hussein Obama, his Wife AND, quite naturally, his two daughters! They have also stated that they will be bringing their Dog on the chance that the same Postal Worker Cum Doctor will also hold a valid Veterinarian License. In That Instance, every patient will also be entitled to a 3 year Rabies injection!
    Hold It ! ! I’ve just been informed that the daughters will be Spayed at no extra charge ! ! ! !

    Signed by: Doctor Robert Reich

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