HuffPost – Obama Uses Blazing Saddles Strategy to Negotiate Debt Ceiling

20 Jan


Only Mel Brooks had the comic genius to pull off an iconic movie scene that has become a staple of hardball negotiating strategies. And only the President and Congress of the United States could be dysfunctional enough to demonstrate that life really does imitate art, leaving the nation agog at the debt ceiling theatrics playing out on the Washington stage. You should be laughing if you’re not already crying.

As President Obama steps up to the inaugural podium to once again take an oath to protect and defend a Constitution that has long become nothing but a minor irritant to those seeking to expand federal power, his words paint a picture of a government on autopilot. Out of control, running low on fuel, leaderless and off course, rival politicians are engaged in a desperate battle not to solve our fiscal problems but to affix blame for a disaster caused by both parties.

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