RealClearMarkets – Will Aging Childless Voters Enslave My Future Grandchildren?

9 Dec


December 10, 2012

Will Aging Childless Voters Enslave My Future Grandchildren?

By Bill Frezza

If demography is destiny, democracy is toast-at least those democracies where citizens can vote themselves a living at someone else’s expense. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to see that governments’ addiction to intergenerational income redistribution is not sustainable unless someone keeps supplying babies at an accelerating pace.

The root cause of the economic disaster that lies ahead is the kamikaze drive of democratic governments to displace the functions of the family, including the care of relatives in their old age. Since time immemorial, in every human society that ever was, and buttressed by social mores central to every religion ever practiced, children, grandchildren, and kin did what governments the world over now promise to do.

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One Response to “RealClearMarkets – Will Aging Childless Voters Enslave My Future Grandchildren?”

  1. TexasNativeDaughter (@TexasTruBlu) December 11, 2012 at 6:34 pm #

    I wrote about this three years ago in my blog. The DINKS are spending wildly on luxury cars, vacations, gourmet food leaving nothing in the bank in the quest of what they perceive as the good life. They expect, no DEMAND, that future generations take care of them in their old age despite the fact that this same group has led the charge in cutting education, cutting support for families and in attacking marriage as a structure of our culture. We have seen this happen in my own family where in spite of having six siblings between us, there are no other children in the next generations of our family besides ours. At the same time, these now aging Boomers have asked my children to take care of them in the future. My daughter’s answer was especially pointed. She responded to the email as follows: “My parents sat up with my through croup, chicken pox, teen heartbreak and more. You traveled, you remodeled your home, you bought cars while my parents used their money to put me and my brothers through college. While I love you and respect you, I don’t owe you anything beyond that.” In response the two aunts in question have warred with her since. And this situation is repeating itself around the nation, unremarked, but there nonetheless.

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